Get Enrolled in the Intro To Iridology 5-Day Mini-Course

  • If you're spending hours, unpaid and overtime, creating client programs... 
  • If your clients disappear after one or two appointments... 
  • If you're frustrated with constantly having to find new clients... 
  • If you want to get your client programs created in your paid client sessions... 
  • If you've ever wanted to start learning iridology without committing to a full-on course... 
  • If you're thinking of taking an iridology course but don't know which one to enroll in... 
  • Then you'll want to do this mini-course.

You'll get the most important foundation of iridology training in this mini-course

Health Professional Nathalie

And for this mini-course you DON’T need:

Fancy, expensive equipment

A pricey or hard-to-get or outdated text book

To take time off work to travel to a live course

You ONLY need:

A beginner's mindset - come ready to learn

A good foundation in anatomy & physiology

A screen larger than 10" is helpful so you can see the details clearly that we are discussing

About 30 minutes each day for 5 days

Here's the outline of the 5 lessons you'll receive:

Lesson 1: What iridology is, how it is used, what it tells us, how it helps us in our health-coaching businesses, and the evolution of iridology

Lesson 2: Comparison of 3 styles of iridology, eye anatomy, equipment you need to start doing iridology

Lesson 3: Eye color, fiber structure, 'freckles' and 'color washes', blue eyes, brown eyes, and mixed eyes

Lesson 4: popular but inaccurate information, the truth about 'before and after' photos, why 'freckles' don't mean toxicity

Lesson 5: how to use a penlight & magnifying glass to do an iris analysis, how to get usable photos with a smart phone, more iridology detail



5-Day Intro to Iridology Mini-Course
$ 37.00


  • 5-Day Intro to Iridology Mini-Course

    5-Day Intro to Iridology Mini-Course
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